What do I mean when I write – and think – about hybrid living; is there any other kind; can living or dwelling be anything else than a mixture of location, experiences, images and information?

One of the first texts I remember that handled the subject of dwelling in this context was an article by Eric Bolle in Archis 6-89: “Dwelling, a disputed philosophy” ( dutch, where he discussed architect Peter Eisenman.
Eisenman more or less rejected traditional dwelling because of the reference, the memories it contains, the inability to build a home where our existence in that home is largely based on images. The House VI he build for the Frank’ s in Connecticut in 1975 is a good example (perfectly described in process and result by Mrs. Suzanne Frank). It’s however not – only – about architecture; Eric Bolle considers dwelling man’s being, the way man is; with all uncertainty, fear, sensibility for all that is part of being in this one place.
That same year philosopher

wrote an article for the Basler Zeitung: “Einiger über dach- und mauerlose Häuser mit verschiedenen Kabelanschlüssen”, published again in 2007 in “Von der Freiheit des Migranten” (EVA Taschenbuch) with the title “Häuser Bauen” , which indicates once more the actuality.
In 1997 Dorien Pessers writes, again in Archis (1997-8) : “What will happen with man and his inner state when the symbolism of containment is lost in a house that has become transparent?”
Now we face relevant developments in technology and privacy, in building, in media. So many years after his text and many others we can only admit that this is still – and increasing – an actual discussion: with all developments concerning media, privacy, technology etc. , with our need to create an environment where we can feel ‘at home’ this is all the more an actual problem which deserves our attention.
This is not about domotics, this is not only about technology; as stated before: where it concerns our direct environment – whether we call that home or not – I am not immediately interested in technology for the sake of technology. I am interested in what is in between; to put it in simple terms: this paradoxical situation between a protective ‘house’ and the link with the outside world.
It’s like Aldous Huxley once said: “Technological progress offers us more efficient ways to turn back the clock”
On these pages texts, links, articles, developments etc. will be gathered and hopefully discussed.