Housing in the Ukraine

Wednesday, Feb. 15th. at the PBL/National Environmental Assessment Agency in the Hague; Ukraine’s Housing Recovery Forum, Rebuilding a place to call home.’ A full afternoon of rethinking and researching the framework and possibilities for re-establishing a functional built environment to ensure/facilitate proper homes; based on changing social circumstances, adequate financial support and proper professional assistance focused on local requirements and communities. In the end: what is the basis for rebuilding, not only in the building/technical sense but most of all where it meets the concerns and needs of civilians. It requires a continuing discussion and rethinking with the Ukrainians to establish a sphere that will not only cover practical needs but fits better times in the (near) future. Looking forward to a further constructive continuation of these talks.

update Feb.21st.: the video/registration of the entire meeting is now online at PBL.

prefab and/or circular

Interesting thoughts by Gordon Stott form Connect Homes on the CORE77 website concerning prefab architecture; his plea for a far more industrial approach in which one can buy a house per m2 fits the current debate on how to give the inhabitant more influence on his future home. This runs parallel with the latest initiative by ARUP on circular housing; their recent project ’the Circular Building‘ was presented recently on the London Design Festival.