smart homes?

Yesterday, Jan.19th, the New York Times; the next article in a long row about our homes becoming ‘smart’. What usually is forgotten in all of these wishful-thinking business-oriented thoughts is that a home is more than the sum of bricks, mortar and technology. Our house is not a home because we can automate the lights and the refrigerator, but because we live in a sphere we call our own. Technology in our homes should focus less on practicalities and more on adaptability, experience, imagination.

reconfigurable house

In Tokyo staat, als onderdeel van NTT ICC (International Communications Center) in maart van dit jaar het Reconfigurable House; een project van Usman Haque en Adam Somlai-Fischer. Van de website:

The Reconfigurable House is an environment constructed from thousands of low tech components that can be “rewired” by visitors. Some people may walk into the House and find that things are to noisy, too reactive, or maybe not reactive enough. (..) And if the House is left alone for to long, it gets bored, daydreams and reconfigures itself….