Are we Human?

wonderful talks at the New Institute Rotterdam by Mark Wigley and Beatriz Colomina who presented their little book; ‘Are we Human?’; a kind of summary of the 3rd. Istanbul Design Biennale 2016. Especially the link made by Wigley to Constant (Wigley wrote his¬†great book: ’the Hyper-Architecture of Desire’ about New Babylon, 1998) about the moment Constant could longer envision man in his environments was a fine illustration of the problems we encounter with technology.

IMG_0742Dirk van den Heuvel (TUD), Mark Wigley, Beatriz Colomina.

IoT & Design

On October 20th at the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven: the Internet of Things and the role of Design.

– What is the Internet of Things?
– What are the trends and how is this impacting you?
– The role of Design – The need to think differently and why
– Facilitated discussion on the roles and ways that this can be done

facilitated by Rob van Kranenburg and Lorna Goulden.