the drawings


It is by now decades ago; after having practised technical- as well as free-drawing at Technical School and later at the Academy of Arts it quickly became a deeper search for meaning and synthesis far beyond its technological framework. In particular at the Academy study focused on ‘Interior Architecture & Spatial Design’ which implied a close connection to architecture in general; and to me the difference between the concepts of interior and exterior is somewhat abstract and theoretical. Much later, when digital developments, together with actual and future changes in the – built – environment became inescapable it was once again clear to me that all three were and will forever become closely connected.
In 2021 I wrote a book as an attempt to describe and synthesize these related areas: architecture, dwelling and technology, with a close link to the arts: ‘Home in a Hybrid World, or to dwell in a networked environment’. (River Publ.) Between chapters I added short texts and images by other writers and artists, preceded by a wonderful image by Antony Gormley on the front cover.
Since then in particular I also searched my archive to discover its context and history; while writing the book as well as regular articles and now the essays I noticed the similarities between the recent and the past: on many topics I had written long ago, on many topics I had already sketched and drawn long ago.
Here and now, new drawings will prevail but older work will be added, given its relevance to actual issues, questions and possible answers; but always with the aim to raise new questions. There will also be the continuing search for our ‘place on earth’, in the physical sense as well as in the abstract sense. Where ‘art’ in the strict connotation is the ‘free’ approach I will try to synthesize with architecture; while recalling Walter Gropius declaration in the ‘Bauhaus Manifesto’ back in 1919: ‘Together, let us desire, conceive and create the new structure of the future, which will embrace architecture and sculpture, painting – in one unity”.